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UV/FX is committed to maintaining its position as the leading practitioner of the UV scenic medium. We approach each and every job with integrated solutions, including UV lighting specification and design. We use only the most durable and refined materials available anywhere in the world. When working with UV/FX, you are assured that you are working with the world's UV scenic and lighting experts, with hundreds of projects under our belt.

Nothing compares with the audience reaction to a UV/FX scenic installation. The visual transformation yielded from one piece of scenery is unmistakably magical!

Visit the Demo Room to see our work in action.

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"The Experience Room was the highlight of the exhibition. All were impressed. I received congratulations from the Prime Minister [of Singapore] immediately after the show! So, let's give ourselves a big pat on our backs and look forward to doing something bigger and better."

— Magnum Opus's Project Designer, Lai Yee, on the Awareness Centre at Singapore's national Trade Union Congress